This innovative system is designed for absolute transparency for the customers in letting them know the actual weight of Empty Cylinder, Actual Gas weight, and the Total Weight of the Cylinder with Gas at any point of time. Our system is designed with latest touch-screen technology and comes with a stylus pen for operator-friendly usage.

When the Gas level reaches LOW -(which again can be set depending on customer need as well as specific industrial requirement), our System Alerts customers with BEEP as well as an LED indicating that the Gas level is LOW. Added to this, the line in the LCD indicating Gas level blinks thereby giving absolute indications to the customer – its time to refill Gas!! Those parameters that change based on actual situation, we have designed with a different color for those lines in the LCD screen.

As soon as the device is switched ON, Touch-screen shows “Be Alert Fire and Safety Equipments, Bangalore”. Within few seconds the main screen containing all the 10 items as shown above appears and it stays constant.

Now gently touch the Touch-screen with the stylus pen given. It will ask for Password. It’s a 4 digit password.( FOR EXAMPLE 1234) Once the password is entered, Configuration screen appears:

This system will go with each cylinder and it is designed keeping in mind serial connection of over 1 cylinders using 1 amps (up to 10 cylinders for e.g.), 10 amps power supply.

Absolute transparency to help customers is achieved by showing clear actual values at the time of installation and continuous monitoring of our system in providing the actual Weight at any given point of time.

  Calibrating Load Cell – User friendly:

There is a button given – CALIBRATE. Gently touch this.

  Steps to calibrate

1. Do not put any weight, go to Calibrate Load Cell and select TARE WEIGHT wait for a while (5 to 10 seconds).
2. Put standard weight (5 kg, 150kg, 200kg, 500kg).
3. Go to Calibrate and select CALIBRATE LOAD CELL select the weight and wait until the calibration is over.

  Get the WMS data to mobile:

1. Open the WMS application, search for the WMS device (Eg: WMS_APP) and pair with Bluetooth device by giving the paring password.
2. At WMS, Go to More Settings select Copy Data To Mobile give the range Eg: 000 to 005.